Our Weekly Meeting Venue: St. Camillus – East Residence Tower
Elmbrook Rotary Club meets every Friday morning at: 
St. Camillus – East Residence Tower
10100 W. Bluemound Road, Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Visitors Welcome! See you 7-8 a.m. for a hot breakfast & cup of coffee!
Elmbrook Rotary Club News
At Friday’s Elmbrook Rotary Club's meeting, President Chris Spresser welcomed David Urban into membership of the “Elmbrook Rotary Club and Rotary International throughout the world”. Kate Bloomberg proudly presented her stepson with the Rotary emblem.
The Ideal of Rotary is “Service above Self".
“The object of this club and all Rotary Clubs is to encourage and foster this ideal as a basis of worthy enterprise.”
David looks forward to being involved in community service. If  you think you might want to be involved with more community service, please join a meeting of ours and find out if the Elmbrook Rotary is the right fit for you! 
Rotary International District 6270 is pleased to announce the availability of a Global Grant Scholarship for matriculation in the fall of 2024 or spring of 2025.
The amount of the scholarship is USD $30,000 and must be used for graduate school studies outside the United States. NOTE: Applicant cannot be a Rotarian or be related to a Rotarian but can be a member of Rotaract. To be eligible, applicant must be a resident in the geographical area of District 6270, or be a student at a college/university in the geographical area of District 6270, or have strong ties to Southeast Wisconsin (see District 6270 map). Experience (professional or volunteer) in the field of study is required. All fellowship/scholarship/stipend funding opportunities must relate to one of Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus.
Deadlines are as follow:
September 1, 2023 – Application form available (online)
January 15, 2024 – Complete Application Deadline (submit via email only)
February 10, 2024 - In-Person or Zoom Interviews scheduled. An in-person interview is preferred.
February 19, 2024 – Successful Scholar Notified (for matriculation in 2024-2025 academic year.)
Click Here to access the “Scholarships” page on the RI D-6270 website for detailed information, the application form, and other supporting documents. Address any inquiries to Larry Myers, Chair of the D-6270 Scholarships Subcommittee (Email:scholarshipchair@rotary6270.org OR Larry Myers).
The  Elmbrook Rotary Club recently received the Rotary 2022 -2023 Citation for "Helping Imagine Rotary in the Lives of People All Over the World”.
Chris Spresser shared that “this is the most significant award a club can receive”. The club “demonstrated a commitment to achieve its goals, with power and impact”.
Thank you, Harry, for your leadership this past year.
It's that time of the year when a "Final Report" is due for each Mini-Grant awarded in 2022-2023. In fact, a new Mini-Grant cannot be awarded to an organization unless a Final Report has been received.
One of the first Final Reports already received came from the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative (MHVI). Its "Bikes for Stripes" program was awarded a $3,000 Mini-Grant in 2022-2023 from the Elmbrook Rotary Foundation.
Debbie Buchanan, MHVI's leader and executive director, included the following in her Final Report:
"Thus far in 2023, 101 bikes have been distributed.  The program truly makes a difference. For example, we had a veteran scheduled for a job interview and reached out to us for transportation assistance.  His dilemma was that the job was located on a bus route, but the route ends 1 ½ miles before reaching his destination.  We were able to provide him with a reliable bicycle that he could take on the bus and then ride the rest of the way.  The veteran reported to staff that he was hired and is working full-time.  It will take him several months to save enough money to purchase a vehicle, but how grateful he was for the Bikes for Stripes Program – not only was he able to get to the interview, he got the job!"
A fillable PDF for the Mini-Grant "Final Report" can be accessed by clicking here.
Raghav Patel is this year’s Elmbrook Rotary Youth Exchange Student. He recently traveled from India and was met at the airport by several club members.
Raghav gave the club a brief synopsis of his travels from India, meeting his great host family Karen and John Selkey, and his first adventure……a trip to Green Bay for a Packer preseason game. He will give the club weekly updates on his experiences at Brookfield Central and his life journeys this school year. 
If anyone has an outing, event, or experience they feel would add value to Raghav's time in Wisconsin, please reach out so the Elmbrook Rotary Club can help organize. 

Kurt Stanich, Airport Manager of the Waukesha County Airport, provided the Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC) an excellent presentation. It began with the history of aviation dating back before the Wright Brothers December 17, 1903, flight at Kitty Hawk, as well as highlighting the development of aviation through the years, including the beginning and growth of the Waukesha County Airport/Crites Field located at 2525 Aviation Drive, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Did you know, the first flight in Wisconsin took place in Beloit on November 9th, 1909.

“Since its humble beginnings in 1935, the Waukesha County Airport/Crites Field has evolved into a state-of-the-art facility meeting the unique aviation needs of both enthusiasts and area businesses, while greatly contributing to the local economy.”...

Chris Spresser presented Greg with his Paul Harris Fellow Award pin.
The 2 blue sapphire stone pin signifies that Greg has reached the +2 level of seven for contributions to the Rotary Foundation.
Congratulations Greg!

Bruce Korus has spent his career in numerous healthcare related positions, including hospital administration and physician group management. He joined the Elmbrook Rotary meeting to share his insight on the mental health crisis in colleges today and offer suggestions on how to “help your kids survive and thrive through their college years”.Today, anxiety is the most common challenge for students, with almost 1/3 of college students feeling so depressed that they...

At the Friday breakfast meeting, Rotarian Ralph Gould introduced his grandson Alex Seaborg, a Rotary exchange student who spent 11 months in Hat Yai Thailand experiencing the culture, volunteering his time, and traveling.

After graduating from Middleton High School, Alex applied through Rotary District 6250 to participate in the student exchange program. His parents were part of similar exchange programs; Dad went to Japan and Mom to London. Their experiences inspired Alex to follow in their footsteps.The Rotary International student exchange program has sent young people around the globe to experience new cultures. Currently, about 9,000 students are...

Brookfield, WI – The Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC) is seeking nominations for its 7th annual Business Person of the Year Award. ERC will present the award to a majority owner and/or operating head of a successful for profit business or non-profit organization. Additionally, applicants must be living in and/or have a business located in the City/Town of Brookfield or Village of Elm Grove.

“ERC presents the Business Person of the Year Award to honor a strong local leader who has entrepreneurial skills and strategic vision,” said Award Program Co-Chair, Ralph Gould. “This award helps ERC shine a spotlight on a successful business owner or non-profit director who is making a difference in our community.” Prior winners include Lisabeth Passalis-Bain of the Elm Grove News-Independent, Mark Mirsberger, of Dana Investment Advisors, Jamie O’Donough, of O’Donough’s Irish Pub, Bill Selzer, retired Elm Grove Fire Chief, Phil Landry, Owner of C3E Geomatics, LLC and Neil Palmer, retired mayor of Elm Grove Village.

Award nominations will be accepted on-line only through Saturday, October 14, 2023 via the Elmbrook Rotary Club website:ElmbrookRotary.org A selection committee of ERC members and local government officials will review all nominations and select the award recepient. ERC members are not eligible for the award. The 2023 Business Person of the Year award winner will be honored Friday morning, October 27th at the Elmbrook Rotary Club meeting. ERC will also make a $200 donation to a charity specified by and in the name of the person who has nominated the award winner.

Established in 1983, the Elmbrook Rotary Club has been active in our community for 40 years. We are a part of Rotary International, founded in 1905. ERC is an energetic group of more that 80 individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, from business professionals to community leaders to those dedicated to public service. The Rotary International official motto is “Service above Self” and our Club slogan is “We rise & Shine” referencing our being the first breakfast club in our Rotary District 6270.

Hebron House, the largest and oldest non-profit organization in Waukesha County, is celebrating 40 years of service to unhoused men, women, and children. The mission is restoring hope and dignity to those still facing a crisis of homelessness and not turn anyone away in need of immediate help or a long-term solution to housing. Hebron House provides two shelters and two affordable housing developments. The goal is to help 6-8 families per month find permanent housing.Kathleen Christianson Fischer, Executive Director and Addy Fahrenkrug, Fund Development Manager, addressed the Sunrise Meeting of the Elmbrook Rotary on August 4th. They reviewed the organizational goals, new programs, and services Hebron House provides to those in need of shelter, stable housing, or...

Although not an official Rotary event, 4 of the 6 members of the #ElevateWI Habitat build were current Elmbrook Rotary members.
Thank you to Paul Sawicki, Tom Curl, Jackson Bubolz and Kerri Richlen (who quite literally jumped in the morning of!). Thank you to everyone who donated a day of their time to building sustainable housing in Milwaukee.  
Apologies for the lapse of a group photo, but there are a few action shots around trimming drywall to the window opening, and learning more about Habitat during our lunch break: 
If you feel you've missed out on an opportunity, please let Jackson Bubolz know you'd be interested in being a part of a Habitat build. There are lots of projects this Fall and Winter that do not require ladders or lifting walls, so if there is demand from the club, we should be able to staff one or more builds in 2023. 

Ann Marie Hess, Director of Sales, and Dustin Hicks from the City of Brookfield Travel and Tourism Visitor’s Bureau joined the July 28th Elmbrook Rotary Sunrise meeting to share the opportunities available to travelers, and the impact tourism has on the city.

Currently, the City of Brookfield makes up 40% of all tourism, spending, taxes, and employment of Waukesha County and 3% of State visitor spending. This equates to visitor spending of $308.8 million, employment from tourism of 4,076 and $33 million in tourism state and local taxes. During the months of June, July and August, the number of guests visiting Brookfield is greater than the City population of 41,000.

This not-for-profit organization is funded entirely by...

On Friday July 21st, the Elmbrook Rotary Club received the Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) “Spirit of Humanity Award for Global Kindness in Support of the 2023 Turkish Earthquake and Service Above Self Representing the Very Best of Human Spirit”.
BTF, a volunteer organization, has delivered to date:

Elmbrook Rotary Club will celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a Reunion of members on Friday, July 21. All members, past and present, and their guests were invited.
Venue is the Starry Nights Concert at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center's beautiful Gerlach/Haack Outdoor Theater. One of the most popular Wilson Center summertime traditions, all Starry Nights outdoor concerts are free and open to the public of all ages. Dress was casual attire. The music of the Rocking' Robins were featured on Friday, July 21.

After setting up his law practice in Chicago, Paul Harris gathered several business associates to discuss the idea of forming an organization for local professionals. He envisioned a place where professionals of diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. After years of service, Harris died on 27 January 1947 in Chicago at age 78 after a prolonged illness.

Continuing the legacy of the founder, the Paul Harris Fellow program was established in 1957 to show appreciation for financial contributions by members that support the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant.

“Rotary Foundation is the economic engine for the good work that we do in the district and around the world.” It is through consistent giving to the foundation that allows us to provide service locally and internationally. 


At Fridays Sun Rise meeting, 5 members of the Elmbrook Rotary Club were recognized by Don Griffing, the Rotary District 6270 Governor...

2023 is shaping up to be a memorable year for the Elmbrook Rotary Club.
We've resumed our annual service trip to Guatemala and refreshed SPIKES, our largest fundraiser. With all of that, plus all the other nice things we're doing in the community, the PR team needs reinforcements. The PR Team wants to do a great job sharing what the Elmbrook Rotary Club is doing to be part of the solution, and we could use some help telling the stories. 
Opportunities are:

On July 7, 2023, Francis Vogel, Executive Director of the World Affairs Seminar was accompanied by Ava Gomez, a Senior at Brookfield East, and her mother, to share highlights and experiences from the 2023 World Affairs Seminar at Carroll University in Waukesha. Francis reviewed how the seminar provides a unique forum for future international leaders to address urgent global issues. Student delegates from around the world gather to hear renown speakers, take interesting and fun field trips, and interact in challenging small group learning and projects. The academic approach of critical reflection, interactive learning, and hearing others’ opinions, in a delegate-centric environment allows delegates to develop their own ideas and strategies, and present and defend their ideas and approaches.

Beginning in 1977.... 

On July 4th, 2023, our newly appointed President Chris Spresser rode the convertible down Calhoun wishing everyone a wonderful 4th of July. 
The weather was hot, the parade route was packed, and our 57lbs of candy made it almost to the end of the route. 
Chris was joined by Phyllis Blodgett, Paul Sawicki, Kemal & Visile Yilmaz, Tom Hochuli, & Jackson Bubolz and family. 
If you know anyone who wants more of this type of camaraderie and goodwill in their life, bring them to a meeting! We're always welcoming new members wanting to make a difference at home or far away. 
On the last Wednesday of June, 2023, the Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC) met at the Elm Grove Woman's Club. As the club does the last Wednesday of every June, we celebrated the closing of the 2022/2023 Rotary year, and welcomed the 2023/2024 year. 
We heard from exiting President Harry Farchmin about our effectiveness in updating our club's bi-laws and addressing venue challenges throughout the year. Harry is proud to have moved our club forward as he served as our President. We also heard from our incoming President Chris Spresser and her intentions to focus on fun, mentorship, and having a club of Rotarians, not just people signed up for Rotary. 
We'd also like to welcome... 
On June 29, 2023, Jack Nelson, Harry Farchmin, John Allen, Doug Jacobson, & Jackson Bubolz took the World Affairs Seminar (WAS) up on their offer see a few presentations. 
The seminar is a 4 day event where students from all over Wisconsin, the United States, and the world come to learn about important world issues and how to have an impact on them. This year's topic was on Climate Change and Sustainability. Throughout the day, over 600 high school students will listen to world renowned thought leaders, do group research on a specific challenge, or what we did, hear our current Rotary International President Gordon McInally speak (pictured).
The Elmbrook Rotary Club sponsors...
Here is a photo of the Veterans in Focus group in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I got there a bit early and found the brick with my name on it given to me a few years ago by John and Jeanne Allen.
We spent about 25 minutes there doing some flying and then went to a conference room in the War Memorial building to view aerial photographs and videos, and discuss picture taking from a remote platform.
Veterans in Focus provides equipment and instruction for Veterans to leverage the art of photography to find peace and joy in their days removed from military service. 
On our June 23 meeting, Elmbrook Rotary introduced another new member to our Club: Member Jack Russel. 

Jack is currently a commercial real estate agent with Judson Realty. He is married with a baby at home and another on the way...

On Friday morning, Pardeep Kaleka shared his story of loss and “forgiveness after hate”. On August 5th, 2012, his religious community was attacked when a white supremacist opened fire on a crowd of worshippers, murdering 7 and wounding four. That day at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Pardeep lost his father in a terror attack.

The loss robbed his family of a loving father and husband who will “never come home”. In a quest to heal... 

We had strong planning, wonderful weather, and a SPIKES! Event that really stands out as we're only a few years removed from a global pandemic. 
Attendance and food sales were both up. We're waiting for all donations to be tallied, but based on the volume of people and the excitement of Spikes participants, this year could be a template for fundraising and "day of" activities moving forward. 
Here are more pictures of FUN from the 2023 SPIKES! gallery: 
More pictures.... Click read more... 

At the Friday Sunrise meeting, Anna Zack, Executive Director of the WI State Fairs Park Foundation, provided a history and overview of the Foundation’s activities, highlighting changes and projects underway at the Fairgrounds.

The Foundation’s Mission is to preserve and enhance the WI State Fair and help it to grow for generations to come! Through the support of:

Final numbers for our 2023 Spikes Campaign are forthcoming. (donations accepted through 6/30/23) 
We do know we had great weather, we had guests who were there for reasons other than volleyball, and we had growth over last year. 
Here are a few pictures of the fun. If you have any you'd like to share with the PR team for upcoming events, please email to Jackson Bubolz.
On Thursday, 8 June, a handful or Rotarians got together at the Ronald McDonald house to cook and serve a meal to the worn out families of patients at Milwaukee's Children's Hospital. 
Volunteers were:

Ian Smith – Coordinator and Cook

Thomas Steinbach – Shopping for Groceries

Emily Jones – Cook & Recipes

Paul Sawicki, Harry Farchmin, Dan Roads, Anne Klug - Cooks


Participants report that it was fun, rewarding, and they are open to organizing another one. 

If this project looks interesting, please reach out to Ian Smith or any of the other participants. As with all of our projects, the more interest we have, the more effort we can direct toward that cause. 

Larry Myers, Chair of the Rotary International District 6270's Scholarships Subcommittee, meets some of the most outstanding young people who are making a difference in the world. While introducing our speaker, Myers stated how amazed he is at what the recipients of Global Grant Scholarships are doing worldwide.

One of those outstanding recipients is Brigitte Potter, the District 6270 2023-2024 Rotary Global Scholar, and graduate from Brookfield East High School. At the Friday morning meeting, Brigitte presented her goals, dreams, and journey to becoming one that can make a difference in this world through peace building and conflict prevention.

She attended UWM and received an undergraduate degree in English Second Education with the thought of becoming a teacher. Her experiences since have provided clarity for her mission in life, drawing her in another direction. After UWM, Brigitte spent a semester abroad at the Universidad De Granada in Spain...

As you can see, the Elmbrook Rotary Club has supported Veterans in Focus for quite some time. 
In addition to providing funds to purchase photography equipment and software, the Elmbrook Rotary has a tradition of donating the June edition of the Rotary magazine. 
One you have finished with the June 2023 edition of the Rotary magazine (which is the photography award edition), please bring it in so Veterans can expand photography creativity.
Here is a link to last year's photo submissions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8fdZ2VF5oI
What a Spikes event!
2023 was slated as the year to revitalize Spikes and find more ways to draw in both community members and community businesses.
With teams up 40% over last year and donation seeds being replanted, this event looks to yield fruit for years to come. 
We are still waiting for the final tally on 505/50 raffle, food & bev sales, and donations before totaling a final number for donations generated. More to come...
Rest assured, with the excitement of J.K. Lee, face painting, and a bounce house, this Spikes event is likely to only gain momentum in the "First Saturday of June's" ahead.
Thank you for everyone who donated time, talents, and treasure. This event takes a village, and hopefully we've positioned out club in a great space to serve more people the next 12 months.  
If you've ever enjoyed a breeze over the Elmbrook Rotary's newsletter or liked a Facebook post, that's thanks to the PR Team.
If you've needed to see who the speaker was the next meeting, or when the shoot clays event is, that can be found thanks to the PR Team.
If you've needed to find a link for Spikes, or a grant form, or wanted to share how to become a member... that's right... PR Team...

The PR Team makes a weekly impact on our members and is

The Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) has a culture of giving and civic involvement as a part of their heritage. It was founded in 2003 by a few like-minded Turkish Americans and Friends of Türkiye with the simple desire to Give-Back. Based in the Triangle region of North Carolina, BTF quickly grew all across the US with many regional grassroots Giving Circles, and today has individual donors and supporting communities in all parts of the globe.”

Emin Pamucak, President of the Bridge to Turkiye Fund, presented a program highlighting the great work this organization provides to Turkiye including the recent earthquake response and the Child Amputee program.

Joining our Friday morning meeting, School Counselor Jason Lippold, Principal Andy Farley and School Psychologist Aimee Schneidewent from Brookfield East High School. They presented the Hope Squad, a school-based peer to peer suicide prevention program, with a mission to reduce youth suicide through education, training, and peer intervention. In its sixth year at East, the Squad is comprise of 50 students representing each grade.

Hope Squad members are nominated by their classmates as...

On May 27, our fearless new leader Chris Spresser landed in Melbourne, Australia. Over the next few days, she will take in dozens of Rotary presentations, meet hundreds of Rotarians from around the world, and hopefully bring back a few new ideas to keep our club moving forward. 
Here are a few more of the early pictures that have come from the other side of the world:
May 29 is when Elmbrook's Memorial Day Parade took place in 2023. 
The parade, and the entire holiday, is meant to commemorate the brave women and men who have served our country. We specifically recognize those who gave everything, including their life, for our great country. In addition to marching bands and service professional like fire and safety professionals, the Elmbrook Rotarians were out in full force. 
The Elmbrook Rotary's May 19th Sunrise Meeting saw Sandy Wysocki, Executive Director of the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center, be inducted into membership of the Elmbrook Rotary.  Sandy is now part of our community of “Fellowship of Rotary around the world" with the ideal of “Service Above Self”.
We had a real treat at our May 19, 2023 Elmbrook Rotary Club breakfast meeting.
Two new members gave their Classification Talks, John Schindler and Michael Arndorfer. Both members were inducted into Rotary in February of this year.
John was sponsored by Jackson Bubolz and mentored by Jack Nelson, while Michael was sponsored by Julie Craig and mentored by Wally Smanski. John and Michael gave a brief life history and why they were drawn to and joined the Elmbrook Rotary.
We also were able to hear from Mike Schmeling, long time member and past president. Thank you all for sharing your journey.
What our members share about their career, families, and philanthropic interests help us to get to know each other better, yet that content isn't designed to share via a newsletter. If you're curious what motivates these folks to volunteer, network, and give, join us for a 7a meeting. We'd love to hear your classification talk someday :) 

MILWAUKEE, WI—Rotary International District 6270 is awarding a Global Grant Scholarship in the amount of $30,000 to Brigitte N. Potter of Glendale, Wisc. The grant has been approved by The Rotary Foundation with an 80% match of District Designated Funds (DDF) provided by the district.

Ms. Potter will use the grant to obtain a Master of Science degree in International Migration and Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom. She intends to focus on the issues surrounding refugees and forced migration. Her Rotary Area of Focus is “Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution.”

Ms. Potter is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee and has studied abroad at the University of Granada in Spain. She has also worked in refugee camps in Greece and for a maternal health organization in Uganda. In Milwaukee she continues to volunteer among the refugee population. She states, “I’m eager to learn what can be done from a social and political perspective to prevent forced migration at its root and as a result keep people safe within their communities.”

Her graduate program is a 12-month program and will end in September 2024. She is married to Dan Scholz, also a Milwaukee native, whom she describes as “a wonderfully supportive husband."

Ms. Potter will be the featured speaker at Elmbrook Rotary on Friday, June 9. A breakfast buffet is served at 06:45 a.m.

On April 21, 2023, the Elmbrook Rotary Club was reunited with Dr. Catherine Wolf of Friends for Health in Haiti.  The Elmbrook Rotary has partnered with Health for Haiti for several years, providing funds that continue to grow after the donation is spent. Thank you Phyllis Blodgett for the introduction to this organization. In our 2022 campaign, Elmbrook Rotary donated funds for beans, which once grown,

Inspiring the Hope of Recovery

Mary Madden, Executive Director of NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, presented an overview of how NAMI serves individuals and families affected by mental health conditions.  At no cost, NAMI provides services to Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Jefferson County residents. Mary was accompanied by Angela Reilly Director of Development and Marketing.

One of the Elmbrook Rotary Club's favorite events are "classification talks". This is where members can share about their upbringing, their vocation, their families, hobbies, and aspirations. During classification talks, members get to know each other more intimately, which leads to stronger relationships and a more engaging member experience. 
Members of the 2019 Guatemala Vision Team stand in front of the house they built in February along with the Ventura family who will be living there!
About Elmbrook Rotary
Elmbrook Rotary Club was founded by 26 Brookfield and Elm Grove, Wisconsin, USA business leaders to promote fellowship as a foundation for community service, ethical ideals and the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace. Elmbrook Rotary Club is also proud to sponsor The Brookfield East High School Interact Club, a service oriented group of high school students. Our mailing address is: Elmbrook Rotary, P.O. Box 1014, Brookfield WI 53008-1014.
ERC Peace Initiative
Elmbrook Rotary Club has embarked upon a "Peace Building Project."
Announced and previewed on Friday, October 18, the project will stretch over multiple years as the club and its membership engage in peace building in Milwaukee.
View the embedded video from the Rotary Action Group for Peace. If not viewable, follow the URL linked to "Rotary: Peace Is . . ."
For a detailed look at ERC's peace initiative, view the PDF entitled "ERC Peace Building Project." Above all, stay tuned and become involved as the project unfolds.
Rotary 2023-2024 Theme
ERC Calendar
September 2023

Elmbrook Rotary Club has opened nominations for the 2023 Business Person of the Year Award to honor a strong local leader who has entrepreneurial skills and strategic vision. Applicants must be a majority owner and/or operating head of a successful, for-profit business or non-profit organization. Additionally, applicants must be living in and/or have a business located in the City/Town of Brookfield or Village of Elm Grove.

Click Here to Nominate!

This award was established in 2017 by the Elmbrook Rotary Club to shine a spotlight on an individual in our Elmbrook community who has demonstrated :


*significant, measurable contributions to his/her industry, service organization or charity

*significant community involvement

*strong customer service skills

*effective leadership qualities

Nominations for this award will be accepted through Friday, October 14th via the Elmbrook Rotary Club website only at ElmbrookRotary.org.

Click Here to Nominate!

The Elmbrook Rotary Club will publicly announce and honor the award winner at our Friday morning, October 27th meeting, 7-8a.m. at San Camillus East building in Wauwatosa.


The 2022 winner was Neil Palmer, Elm Grove Village President


Established in 1983, the Elmbrook Rotary Club has been active in our community for 40 years and are a part of Rotary International founded in 1905. The Club is an energetic group of more than 80 individuals with a wide range of backgrounds from business professionals to community leaders to those dedicated to public service.


If your nominee is selected as Elmbrook Rotary’s 2023 Business Person of the Year, Elmbrook Rotary will donate $200 to a charity specified by and in your name.

Click Here to Nominate!


Contact Business Person of the Year Co-Chairs:

Ralph Gould: rgould3@wi.rr.com 

or Doug Jacobson: doug@hjsusa.com

Rotary Four-Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:
  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Service Above Self
- Learn more about our guiding principles
Rotary's Four Way Test

Of the things we think, say or do:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Service Above Self

- See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/5700/#sthash.YgEI863i.dpuf

Of the things we think, say or do:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Service Above Self

- See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/5700/#sthash.YgEI863i.dpuf

Of the things we think, say or do:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Service Above Self

- See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/5700/#sthash.YgEI863i.dpuf
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Erik Moeser
Sep 29, 2023
Drone Photography
Paul Schwartz, Scout Exec, Potawatomi Area Council
Oct 06, 2023 7:00 AM
Activities of the Potawatomi Area Council, BSA
Dr. Kelsie Pattillo and Hans Schlegelmilch
Oct 13, 2023 7:00 AM
Elmbrook Schools – Einhardschule Student Exchange
Ken Kurt
Oct 20, 2023
Addiction Prevention
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Rotary to amplify climate action at COP28 in Dubai

Rotary to amplify climate action at COP28 in DubaiRotary will help facilitate collaboration on community-led climate action, and discuss the intersection of climate change and

Leading with heart: Vietnam gets a new Rotaract club

There’s a lot of female energy in the Rotaract Club of One Million Lives Saigon: The charter president, president, and vice president are all women.

Rotary Foundation Trustees establish targeted funds to aid Morocco

Rotary Foundation Trustees establish targeted funds to aid Morocco

Rotary members provide modular housing to Ukraine

Affordable and easy to install, the prefabricated houses offer shelter – and a sense of hope

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     William Isbister (deceased)
Club Honorary Members:
Honorary members are those who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service and embody Rotary ideals, or those considered friends of Rotary for their support of Rotary's causes. ERC honorary members are Scott Dryburgh, Tom Ehrsam, Ron Jones,  Jane Koons, & Renato Westby.

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